Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Return of the Mack many times have I tried unsuccessfully to come back here....lookin at my drafts April was my last attempt to post...tink i tend to hop around a lot from one social network site to another to little much has happened since I last posted....

March saw me headin off to England for a nite with my folks to welcome back my newly married cousin...but things in sesameland never that to the airport and at check in was informed that our tickets out of a month....had booked them for Feb instead of March...tanx to there being 28 days in Feb and me not changin the month box on computer....all i could do was laugh...thankfully my ma and da saw the funny side too....not a hope of getting another ticket under €250 to fly out that day so we headed back home...Even better news awaited me when I got back home....our trampoline decided to hop over the fence and bounce off next doors car smashin itself to bits after doin damage to the wing of her car ....thank god for house insurance.....

At easter myself and Mr Sesame managed to escape to MADrid for few days with the gang tanx to my ma havin the 4 kids for their holidays....and no i wasnt allowed book the great to just relax (in the sun i might add) drink and shop....batteries recharged was ready to face the next few months....I became an auntie again and godmother to gorgeous Daniel. April saw me get to see my idol Pink play in the o2...was pretty awesome show....gonna see her again in October...May was my birthday..not a big one...and my first born's Communion...was so proud of her...we eventually had to seek the help of the educational psychologist for her as she still wasnt talkin out loud to anyone outside the family and was hard to see her with no friends playing alone in second class....thanks to great teachers and the ed psych she has come a long way in those few she got a homework pass her final stamp for reading a little louder than last time...she is so much happier in herself and has settled so much this term....things are looking up...

Summer hols were hard work...managed few days in Eurodisney....was great...very hot...easy access pass worked a treat....discovered Babs has more sensory issues than we had realised...not a fan of haunted houses/ghost trains....."please mammy can i go back to the bright" was the quote of the whole holiday anytime we walked up the dimly lit exits...but hard as it was i didnt give into him and put him through it in the hope he would enjoy the rides...but 3 minutes seemed like 3 the end though he had got used to it and seemed to accept that the rides were short and the bright would come afterwards....

Babs seemed to regress a wee bit during the holidays....back to watching programmes he hadn't watched for ages...mickey mouse clubhouse...horrid henry...and kept rewindin and rewindin...echolalia big time....also heard some great one liners from"hey mommy this is fcukin serious" and "hey mommy stand back this is a job for me" as i tried to get a dog out of the house.....he has a new resource teacher this year...was so sorry to see Ms O' Hara go..she did great work with him all last year and loved him....but Ms McCabe seems equally nice and very interested so once again we strike gold. Our biggest fear now is that he is 'too good' that we might lose SNA...fingers crossed that won't happen....

The highlight of the year so far was a facebook get together of autie folk in Temple Bar last week end organised by the fabulous Petunia....undescribable overwhelming experience...have made lots of new lifelong friends and this will be an annual event although plans of another nite before Xmas seems to be on the cards...So I've returned....although knowing my track record it won't be for long..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone..... need to get my ass back in gear this side and I will so this is a cheating post to ease me back in....

Nothing has been happening really in Sesameland we had a nice Christmas spent in my Royal County with my folks & family so got away with another year of not having to cook....go me! Would never compete with my Ma's homecooking...

This was the first year Babs had a bit of a clue what was happening....he had memorised word for word the ads from the TV for what he wanted and his sister wrote his list...when anyone asked is Santa coming and what is he bringing Babs would rhyme it all off:
"Rescue Pals Swim to me Puppy and a Pick and Mix Sweet Shop and somebody needs a tickle Mr Tickle and Elmo Live" of course Santa was going to bring all that and more...spoilt whole focus was on him Christmas morning hoping for that look of amazement and surprise when he saw everything he wanted.......didn't happen....but he spent the whole day holding and tickling everyone with Mr Tickle so it was worth it....

Only took the Christmas tree down yesterday and he started screaming at me "Mammy what are you doing? what are you doing?" I explained that Christmas is over now until next year and we would put it up again we had a mini meltdown because "I don't want Christmas to be over" and as I was taking the tree apart he started to try and put it back him settled easy enough and suggested he help me take it down and it worked.....

School was back on Wednesday and I was glad.....for the last week he was very unsettled at night time and couldn't figure out what was wrong with took a step back and remembered "the Iceberg" something I had learned on my Earlybird Course (which reminds me girls need coffee soon) and came to the conclusion that it was probably the whole out of routine and no school that was affecting him.....and it must have been because since Wednesday night not a peep.... Earlybird Rocks....

Sorry had hoped to put up some Crimbo pics but 'computer says no'...need to get that sorted....will catch up with everyone eventually and hope you all had a great Christmas and best wishes for 2009....

Monday, December 1, 2008


Just another Friday morning kids off to school with Mr Sesame just me and wee boy at most of my days just roll into each other lately I decided to head off shopping for the morning...Babs had gone off to school in his jeans because none of his trackkie bottoms are suitable for PE day any more..they have either the knees out or have a trip to Penney's was in order and still had christmas shopping to Navan here we come...

Hopped in the car and noticed the temperature gauge was 1.5 degrees and the frost symbol took it handy..roads seemed pretty dry though....had gone near 2 mile and in a split second we were sliding all over the road....the back of the car couldn't make up it's mind which side of the road it wanted to be one stage we were heading for someone's wall but managed to get it away...I was like a rally driver turning the wheel this way and that way, hard and fast as I could, not having a clue what I was doing. Somehow I was managing to keep it on the road and then the ESB pole was waiting for some grace of God and what was my final twist of the wheel and we cruised past it and up she went into the ditch....there was no major impact and I couldn't believe we just stopped.

Sitting up there, tilted to the side, my first thought was how am I still alive and I shouted at wee boy to see if he was okay...thankfully he was totally unaware what had just happened but I was terrified to move in case the car toppled over...the engine was still running so turned it off and then there was an angel looking in at us...Bernie (who's wall was lucky to be still in one piece) and seen the whole thing from her window and came running out in her slippers to help us...then 2 men arrived on the scene...our doors were wedged shut but bit of brute force and they opened the back door and got wee boy out....was no point even considering getting out the passenger side as we were high up as you can see here in pic I managed to climb into the back and get out that way.....I know now it was probably shock but I laughed at the state of my 'parking'...In some sort of twisted way I was proud of myself...if that makes me a freak den hey I'll wear the hat....

Bernie was very kind to leave us back up home and as Murphy's Law would have it I couldn't get anyone on the phone....Mr Sesame on tea break with no Ma and Da gone shopping and me bro (the mechanic and recovery guy) had phone switched off and it's never I sat holding and hugging and kissing wee boy till it got too much for him and he told me to stop and wriggled off my knees...eventually I got in touch with my brother and everyone else thereafter...had the car back home by evening still driveable just needing new front bumper but took me days before I sat back into still a bit stiff and sore but lucky to be able to tell the tale......a week on and still haven't got trackkie bottoms for Babs...but who cares am just thankful to have another day with everyone....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Monday

"Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday morning it was all I hoped it would be"...It was better....

Woke up tired little hungover, Mr Sesame was off today to accomodate a meeting I was having with Babs' teachers..our first one since he started school....have had mini chats with teacher as and when the need arose...this one was sort of IEP of sorts..

Of course I went in totally unprepared...bad mother that I am...but they're an easy-going lot. Impossible to get anyone from early intervention team to come out to the school...when looking back over my paperwork it was back in January this year that we set the ball in motion for Babs' transition to mainstream...the result was that he get his assessment done so we could get SNA approval....they were going to pay a visit to the school to meet the teacher before the end of the school year....he's now 2 and half months at school and still no visit...have rang several times... advised the school to write letter to them requesting their attendance...will see what unfolds...

The upshot of the meeting is that they are very happy with Babs' progress...and I am more than happy with what they are doing with him...could not believe how much work he has done so far...the resource teacher is a gem as are his class teacher and SNA...he is definitely in the right setting, of that I am sure and grateful...any questions/reservations I might have had were well and truly wiped out....he is keeping up with his peers with classwork and even listens in when teacher is working with the Senior Infants and shouts out the answers to their skills improving but still good bit to go....but at least he is able to tell me the names of the children...

But the most important thing I took away from the meeting was the manner in which they teach him....if something is not working for him...they change their way of teaching it...and for having had no experience of autistic children...what more could I ask for.....damn they are good!

Long may it continue.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Camera Never Lies

Had planned to post a video of Babs in action helping out his ould ma in the kitchen...but it didn't happen...will keep trying

We have just finished our second video for the Earlybird of me playing with Babs and a 'toy'...we did not prepare earlier...

To think I thought playing without a toy was gonna be the tuff was easier.

Could not think of what to play to 'show off' if you like his strengths and communication skills.. so we used a wee opposites jigsaw and practiced 5 minutes before the camera came (15 mins early - thanks girls).. think it worked better's done now so next thursday will show how good or bad we performed...they were quite happy with it.

I just love this photo of Babs with his sister...not a clear one but shows how well they get on..he will do anything for her...which is great when it comes to his colouring homework..he does not like it...can't concentrate on the smaller objects to be coloured and trees have so many leaves...but once she says come on let's colour he will happily sit with her and do it...she uses the same lingo I do to get him motivated just her way seems to work better...can learn a lot from my kids...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Yeaah av been tagged again...Hammie must know I'm struggling these days and this is the perfect excuse for a lazy blogger...the 11 little things about me under the "My Favourite" headings are:

1. Clothes Shop: without doubt New Look - the only shop I go into where I always leave with loads..

2. Furniture Shop: Land of Furniture - locally made and sold.

3. Sweet: Bounty - the taste of paradise indeed..milk chocolate not a fan of dark choccie.

4. City: Galway..oh Galway.. oh the stories I could tell you bout my times in Galway..they would curl your hair....the skeff - location of the best eVer week end with a girlfriend.

5. Drink: (Smirnoff) Vodka & Coke with NO ice and Cosmopolitans..deelish!

6. Music: Am digging the R n B scene at the moment but am true to my roots am a Trad Irish girl to the core..nothing I enjoy more than singing rebel songs at 4 a.m. at friends house (no kids and no close neighbours) as loud as we if ever you pass by and hear really bad singing about evictions round the lovely lough sheelin you can bet I'm in there. Nick I'm feelin the connection.

7. TV Series: Dont even have to think about this one definitely The Bill - Smithy makes me melt just wish it was on 7 nights a week.

8. Film: Titanic - love it so much saw it 6 times in cinema, bought CD, Video & DVD and know it pretty much word for word..

9. Workout: Swimming - my only form of excercise apart from the..u know..don't make me spell it out.....learned how to a couple of years ago..swim that Kells Swimming Pool - the best instructors you'll find anywhere.

10. Pastries: My Ma's apple tart with lashings of cream..if only I had a picture!

11. Coffee: Sorry to let the side down but gonna have to pass on this - not a coffee drinker - my only MUST have caffeine kick comes from Coca, zero get away from me!!!

I am only going to tag 1 person for this and its a new blog discovery with a lot of reading so if you please lynanne, by way of introduction feel free to give it a lash...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Take A Bow

Have you noticed my award...can you see it??? I got it from Hammie you know!

It has made my day..have been out of sorts last 2 days...vomiting bug hit the house on Friday night..wee boy threw up no less than 7 times and Babs 3..their room smells horrid..dettol and febreeze reeks. So got little to no sleep. Then Saturday night Sunday morning girl number 2 had her turn..lots of false starts then bingo she filled the appropriately placed basin sparing me the change of bedclothes as was well and truly running low on supplies. Seems to last the 24hrs and thats 3 kids down and 1 to go and go she did at 4am this morning and at 4.30, 4.45, 5.10, 7am and finally 11am. Her Dad joined her at 7 am. The rumblings in my tummy let me know I wasn't going unscathed..and head down loo at 2pm and finally the biggie earlier tonight..feel a lot better..

House has not been cleaned all day and due a visit from the Earlybird video cameras tomorrow..lets hope the zoom is not working..

Anyway back to my award..I am to bestow it on some other deserving bloggers most of which have already received it...but that is irrelevant it seems so take your seats and enjoy the 2008 Sesame Blog Award ceremony. First up, in the category of

  • Best Entertainment - the award goes to Jazzy - just look at her step it out!

  • Breast Female Role Model - this was tough competition but the clear winner is Cathal's Mammy for 'supporting' (couldn't resist) the breast is best campaign, getting carrots into Cathal and telling it like it is...oh and drinking the most cups of tea in a week!

  • Best Supporting Parent - without doubt goes to Cathal's Mammy's Mammy - NanP.

  • Best Mini Series - goes to Jacob for his role in "Caca in my Pants" and although no fan of award ceremonies I hope Nick will pick up this award on Jacob's behalf...(dirty trick I know, so sue me)

  • Keeping It Real Award goes to Danielle for her lovely family blog..and she has sunshine!

My last award of the evening is a special award, most award ceremonies have their lifetime achievement award at the end and the Sesames are no different...the recipient is a mum to 2 wonderful children Boo & Bratty, has put up with neighbours from hell, has successfully managed to get her children into fabulous school where they are doing well, has helped/advised so many parents on the rollercoaster website..myself included...then entered the blogworld and in no time clocked up thousands of hits...she is a wonderful mother, wife, writer, friend, advocate..she has recently crossed over to the fashion side of blogging proving she is definitely not a 'one trick pony'...this woman can do no please be upstanding and welcome to the stage to collect her award the amazing Hammie....

Thank you and goodnight from the Sesames.

Dammit I forgot the rules for the winners:
1. The winners are allowed to put the picture on their blogs. (√)
2. Link to the person who awarded you. (√)
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves

Am a couple of weeks into the Earlybird Programme and loving it...pity I couldn't have done it last year when Babs was newly diagnosed and I hadn't a clue..what I wouldn't have done to talk to some other parent in a similar position..
The group is a lovely mix of parents some newly diagnosed and others around same stage as us, a year further down the road..all our kids are of similar age and all learning something new each amazed at how many autistic children there are in our area and yet we have no autism support group.

Met C, a girl I had worked with in Dunnes 13 years ago doing the Earlybird...We have a mutual friend E on the course too..From chatting to these 2 moms it seems we have an interest in meeting for a coffee and a chat..nothing heavy and def no fundraising watch this space..could be the start of something big..