Friday, August 15, 2008


Babs on the merry-go-round. He is a thrill seeker the only rides he was allowed on weren't fast enough or big enough to satisfy him, but he enjoyed them nonetheless.

Big sister gets her picture taken with 'SuperBradley'..all the kids love the Haven Character Shows

Babs, Big sis & Daddy on the big ferris wheel

This was the business..we owned this ride!

The girls and their cousin in the Splash Zone-another big hit with the kids.

Not gonna bore you with all that went wrong on our Blackpool hols. Got parking ticket in one spot £50 (left unpaid) and same evening hubby driving at 40 through 30mph zone and got flashed by the big yellow cameras..haven't heard anything from that..yet. The kids loved the holiday so that is what matters..girls old enough now to have figured out slot machines...aagh I hate them, only because they are addictive. Couple of snaps to capture the holiday. Off tomorrow on another one, down the country this time to Waterford. Am looking forward to this will catch up in a week or so....Laters


Danielle said...

The park looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait for my own kiddos to be big enough to enjoy those rides...well I can wait a little bit. Not that ready for them to get bigger. :)

jazzygal said...

Your kids look like they're having a ball and you're little guy is a dote! He's gorgeous.
Loved the way you stood your ground on the ferry!
Yes, Dungarvan. We're going down next thur! We stay in the Clonea Strand Hotel which is on the beach and 3 miles from Dungarvan itself. Lovely beach, hopefully you get the weather to spend time on it. The hotel, and it's sister hotel The Gold Coast have swimming pools so we spend a lota time there. I think you can pay to just use it for the day. The Clonea has a play loft and bowling alley upstairs and non residents can use them.
The Ming Court Chinese restaurant is lovely as is the Indian restaurant that's on the harbour.
I think there's a playground on the way into Dungarvan on the right? we use the small one at the Gold Coast.

Hope this helps! Enjoy!

Sesame said...

It will happen too soon Danielle..have to say I love the rides myself..the scarier the better.

Jazzy..that's mad..that's where we are going for the week..we had originally booked a cottage but upgraded yesterday to one of the lodges for extra space. The onsite playground and hotel facilities were the main attraction as well as the location, so it's great to hear from someone who has been and recommends it so highly..will probably bump into you there..happy hols

Nan P. said...

Hello Sesame,

I am Cathal's Mammy's Mammy (Nan P as I am becoming known in cyberspace).

I have been catching up on your blog for the last few days, and a few things you have said along some of your posts have rung bells in me, especially: the bit about grieving for the child you thought you had - ding dong for me re: Cathal. Fears, specifically of dentists: Major Ding Dong here, I will be 51 next week, and I still have panic attacks at the very thought of going (yes, a few "butchers" encountered in childhood ensured this).

I will keep on reading you, and include you on my own (brand new) blog's rollcall if you don't mind.

Ps. I hope you all enjoy Waterford, I lived near by for over 25 years, the Copper Coast from Tramore to Dungarvan is so stunning!

Nick McGivney said...

I've tagged you for a Tree of Happiness. Come on over and I'll explain everything...

Sesame said...

Thanks NanP for coming over..u can add me if I can add u..dungarvan is a truly wonderful place and the hols a great success.

Nick..Hammie got to me earlier (see More Than My Share of Happiness post). Am loving your tree..although Kavanagh wouldn't have been my favourite I favoured WB