Monday, September 22, 2008

You're The One That I Want

Figured it's about time I returned to distracted...Jazzy's managing to get her 'slice' between rehearsals so there's no excuse for me..I haven't been any more busy than normal just not motivated...and my broadband man tells me to slow the pace on my addictions as I've used up my limit for the month so no uploading or downloading...bummer...thank the lord for great sisters with laptops who know how to share to prevent me getting the shakes...

I have been analysing my life lately, the effects of meeting up with people from the past in cyberspace...the girls decided to enquire how their Dad and I met and why we got married... didn't obviously go into the nitty gritty but told them we met in the hospital first and then in a nightclub and was love at first sight..not..

My first encounter with my beloved was when he told me to take my top off but to leave my bra on!!...I kid u not..Mr Sesame is a Radiographer and I had been sent for a chest x-ray following a TB scare on the ward I was working on..guess I must have impressed him!!...sorry couldn't resist...all the trainee nurses were mad about him, couldn't see the attraction myself, he would walk round with his head to the floor..not a very confident chap..

Anyway I stayed in my sister's gaff one Thursday night, in town and we hit the tiles...I was having a great evening with my sis and her mates in the pub when in walks this guy with a crowd of women...I sat up and took notice..(still remember what he was wearing and strangely enough he remembers what I was wearing..true love). I said to sis 'who's the hottie with elaine & co'..She said that's Mr Sesame from x-ray..says I, 'no way! gosh he's cute, wouldn't recognise him out of his uniform' himself and that crowd of women joined our table as they all work together in the hospital...I was getting lots of attention being B's sister and the drinks were gliding we were leaving to move onto a karaoke bar Karl (a guy I had the hots for from college) came out after me and asked me to stay for a drink with him. Couldn't believe I hadn't seen him come in. I sooo wanted stay drinking with Karl but the girls were calling me on..'Please' he said 'have one with me, catch them up later if you want'... my heart ached as I kissed him on the cheek and said to meet me later in the nightclub. He didn't...

At the karaoke bar my sister's flatmate (the only one not on the hospitals payroll) was passing notes back and forth to my sis stating that she was gonna have Mr Sesame by the end of the night...Sis was telling me if I was interested to make a move before she got her claws into him..and so the challenge was set..I still hadn't even spoken to him and Michelle was rubbing his leg at every opportunity..this was gonna be tuff...few more drinks and off to the nightclub..met my now sis-in-law, just inside the door..'What are you doin here?' she asked..I pointed to mr sesame who was now sitting having a pint and said 'see him over there..thats why I'm here..he's mine'..we laughed then I headed in his direction, sat myself on his knee, totally uninvited, giggled, said something and we kissed...I know, I can hear you scream 'tart' at me..but hey from that minute he was mine..sorry Michelle..snooze u lose! She was happy to move on to her next victim..I was chatted up by another old flame that night and mr sesame got annoyed and went my victory was short lived...Didn't see him till 3 weeks later and after apologising for being chatted up we picked up where we left off...and the rest is history..and the future..

Saw Karl at college the next week and apologised for not staying and hoping he would ask me out again. He understood the girl pressure thing and said I probably had a better night with them..I asked why he didn't come to the nightclub and he said he just went home after I'd gone...we agreed to go for drinks together but never said when...we never did get for drinks...less than a year later Karl took his own life..completely wrecked my head for a while...I think of Karl on occasion and wonder, as you do, what if? But what's for you won't pass you..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Hammie got me rattled a bit some time ago talking about macros and micros and where we fit in to that picture. Am convinced this woman is psychic..just at the time she challenged me I had to face up to the situation..

Rewind...growing up I watched my Dad throw himself into organisations that benefitted probably everyone but gate collections, sponsorship cards for IWA, various walks and hill climbs in every country raising money for his favourite charities. Using Hammie's Little Red Hen analogy we witnessed him restore/renovate an old school house in his own time and at his own expense only to hand it over to the local area is now used as a cultural arts centre, music rooms and offices and he has nothing to show for his hard work except that he is proud of what he has achieved..and we are doubly proud of him...

Since his adorable grandson (yes I mean Babs) was diagnosed with autism he was determined to 'do his bit' for him (well for the team that looks after him) he organised a very successful fundraising concert and gave the proceeds to Enable Ireland. He intends making this an annual event, although I might try to get him to divert the money to a different source...So all agreed my Dad is a 'Macroman' complete with leotard and tights.

So did I inherit these macrogenes..not too sure..think I am a doer not a brain seems to run to standstill when asked for ideas and stuff..if someone has a definite plan and wants a hand to organise..that I can do.

Now back to how Hammie pricked my conscience...I got involved in a parent support group before we had Babs' diagnosis..via the EYECAN worker in his playschool. Majella was the Early Years Education for Children with Additional Needs worker. She came out to the playschool several times to see Babs and discuss what the playschool leaders could do to help him integrate and she then worked in tandem with the HSE & Enable after diagnosis. She invited me to a meeting where there was a talk on Entitlements. I met lots of parents who had children with a variety of additional needs. I enjoyed these outings once a month but in less than a year I was the only constant attendee and eventually the only surviving member of that initial group..New parents came on board and the group is still going, although, very poorly attended. The cost of the hotel rooms and tea/coffee for our meetings came out of Majella's EYECAN budget (funded by dormant accounts, pobal etc.). She decided we should give ourselves a name and set ourselves as a company/charity to apply for funding etc as her job would no longer be funded after August, and so SNAP Cavan was formed (parent branch in Louth).

A committee was formed and fell apart almost immediately, so just as Hammie brought this topic up I was about to attend a meeting to select new committee..Going to this meeting I had absolutely no intention of putting my name forward because I would rather just sit back and reap the no Macro genes for me...however by default I got the secretary's job as no one else to take it..I have been stressed out about it ever since....You see if I am being totally honest, which I tend to be, I can see this group falling apart because there is no interest...personally I would rather invest my time in an autism only group (of which there is none locally). That is why we don't have numbers because each disability has their own support group and who would blame parents for not coming to the variety we are flogging a dead horse..However, having signed up for this I will give it my all (and by my husband's reckoning it will probably take over my life)! Addictive personality again... so am I a macro or micro..I dunno where I fit in?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You're My Best Friend

Well I've officially diagnosed myself with addictive personality disorder, even though I scored only 40% on this. Since discovering the RC I used to prowl for ages before posting. I found lots of great advice there and spent ages on it, the fact I didn't have broadband at the time accounted for much of the time spent..I then moved over here to blogland to follow the progress of Hammie and discovered Nick and both Cathal's Mam and his Nan. Having branched away the odd time Danielle has come into my life and for a laugh Anne is always there. My most recent must have is choreographer extraordinare Jazzy. As a desperate housewife these 'friends' are vital for my sanity.

I sidelined to facebook to catch up on some old school friends..why? I know not! I have no real desire to compare lives. Got bored with that and went to Bebo and am now a junkie...nothing else gets a look in..I can't wait for my next hit..hubby is going demented with the amount of time I spend on it...I console myself that if we're paying X amount per month then I should be on it all the time...I try to distract myself by watching telly and 5 mins later I'm back on it. 2 a.m. will still find me there (and we don't have a laptop)..I need help! Have just realised now that my latest post is about Bebo. I need a life!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone

D-day arrived, 1st September, 2008, sees Babs heading off to school with his 2 sisters. The little bro started playschool too, so at 9.10 we all headed off 1 mile down the road. The school's new extension was ready too so everyone was excited. To coincide with the opening the new uniform was introduced - jumper with the school crest and the red polo shirt was replacing the blue shirt and tie, there is a god! Don't think Babs would have tolerated top button on shirt tied and a tie. So everything was falling nicely into place. The only problem we had was getting him to wear black school shoes, he wanted his comfy old reliable brown ones, but once he realised I wasn't backing down and they were just for school bingo!

Went back to pick him up at 12 and as it was raining we (the parents) wait at the door for them to be called out one by one. Babs' name was called when teacher saw me and out he came with SNA. As soon as he saw me he shouted, "Hey Mammy, I don't wanna have to be quiet AAAH!". Did I mention my boy has good set of lungs. Those who know him smiled with their heads slightly tilted, the others, well who knows what they thought, they won't be long finding out, I'm sure. He was out of sorts for the rest of the day, crying for no reason, but he had enjoyed his first day. The little bro couldn't wait to get to playschool and once there couldn't wait to get rid of me, so good result there. Big sis seems more settled this year and the other sis well nothing fazes her. They all went off happy again the next day.