Saturday, July 26, 2008

(More Than My Share Of) Happiness

From her Tree of Happiness blog I have been tagged by The Hammazing Hammie Herself to come up with a list of 6 things that make me happy. Not content with me adding my two-pence worth to her comments she has decided I must tag 5 others to do the same...Not an easy challenge for a newbie blogger but I shall rise to it. To start off here's my 6 things that make me happy (may have altered a wee bit from the original).

1. My Hubby, Kids & Family.

My Hubby: As the cliché goes he is my best friend..we both know what the other is thinking. We don't share a lot of interests but that has actually worked out fine.
The Kids: I love the way I love them all individually and they each have something different about them that you can't help but love..Eldest very sensitive and very overtly affecionate. Next Dd very loud and cheeky (in a nice way) and Babs's gobbledegook chatter, little routines and hugs and last Ds blonde hair, blue glasses and his wicked temper.
My family: Without my folks I would be stuck in my house 24/7 without ever getting anywhere. The most supportive parents you'll find anywhere. My sisters are my reliable sitters for a night out and are great to go drinking with too. My brothers help out too if my ma not available.

2. My Homeplace & The view from our house.

Thank God I'm a country girl. I have a massive grá for the place I grew up - Newcastle, Oldcastle - who else could boast such an amazing address, apart from the neighbours.

My own house is also in the country, up on a height and have a fab view of a lot of the county. Have never appreciated nature as much (not a great picture above).

3. My childhood.

Had the best ever childhood, with lifelong friends. Freedom that my own kids will unfortunately never experience. A sign of the times.

4. Music.

Music was my first love. It got me through many teenage angst phases, through relationship break-ups, bereavements, leaving cert exams and it led me to love - got together with my hubby in a nightclub. I have even decided on what music I want played at my own funeral.

5. Dunnes Stores.

My place of work for 11 years. I learned lots, met fab people as well as some nasty ones and made the best friend in the world who I chose to be Babs' Godmother. I can't say I loved Dunnes towards the end, but I do miss the craic and the adult company and my brain cells have died off since leaving.

6. autism/Internet.

They go hand in hand. Wouldn't have discovered one without the other. All my spare time is spent on the net since discovering Babs has autism. The ultimate read for autism beginners is Rollercoaster and is where I have 'met' a different type of friend- my cyberpals. Also getting invaluable advice and a laugh from your blog Hammie, as well as the other bloggers-Cathal's Mammy & Nick and working on my own is very therapeutic.

They appear in no particular order but each of them have played a part in shaping me into who I am today. Now off to tag my 5 victims. I will edit accordingly.

Jo you're up first
Jen you've done a similar one..give it a go for me
Danielle you up for it?
Anne please do the honours

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