Thursday, August 28, 2008


Got results of my "Children with Special Needs" course and got a DISTINCTION...Go me!! Am over the moon.
It was a great course and a very popular one I'm glad to say..did my first assignment on ADHD and the biggie one on Autism...put a lot of work into them and it paid off. It's only part of the FETAC level 5 and I did it to see if I would learn more about autism, specifically, but learned a whole lot more.
The tutor, Bernie, was brilliant and so dedicated...she is a pre-school leader by day with FETAC's coming out her ears and by night she does these courses on top of studying herself. She is truly an inspiration.
So, for today anyway, I'm considering doing more modules to get the full award and maybe when I get them all off to school I could get into the world of SNA's myself.


Cathal's Mammy said...

Congratulations!!! Can amazing mammies get any more amazing? Yes they can, you are the proof.

Nick McGivney said...

Well let me be the first to congratulate you. Well done. Can't have been easy, what with all them jollies and holidays you've been lazing your way through mwah mwah! Seriously, well done. We've all got work for you when you go pro!

Nick McGivney said...

Wel just because C's Mam got in first I'm going again. Well done!!!

Sesame said...

Thank you beaming..was so drained after it that I needed both holidays..not!

Nan P. said...


Have done a fair bit of night and weekend studies myself, I know what it's like to juggle home, full time work and study. I am always in awe at the reserves of stamina we can find in us.

You have juggled bigger "issues" and a bigger family than I have ever had, you are SO right to "beam".

But best of all, after all the stress, and tireness, etc... etc... is this tremendous feeling of achievement when you get the results, isn't it? THAT to me has always made it all worth it.


Sesame said...

Thank you Nan P. I knew it wouldn't be easy so that adds to the elation. Think I 'lapped' it up too much last night though..bit fuzzy today.

Lisamaree said...

School of Life always did it for me Sesame, you don't need any further qualifications to get my respect; making small people and raising them well is quite an achievement. But since you did the course, well done and congratulations for the great result. Kicked arse hey?

jazzygal said...

Well done you! Great achievement. you are right to be proud of yourself. So hard to think of anything outside of the family but I'm a great believer in doing something that you enjoy and that's separate from home life.

Sesame said...

Thanks Hammie & Jazz
Was good to get the brain cells working again and was a nite out too