Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone

D-day arrived, 1st September, 2008, sees Babs heading off to school with his 2 sisters. The little bro started playschool too, so at 9.10 we all headed off 1 mile down the road. The school's new extension was ready too so everyone was excited. To coincide with the opening the new uniform was introduced - jumper with the school crest and the red polo shirt was replacing the blue shirt and tie, there is a god! Don't think Babs would have tolerated top button on shirt tied and a tie. So everything was falling nicely into place. The only problem we had was getting him to wear black school shoes, he wanted his comfy old reliable brown ones, but once he realised I wasn't backing down and they were just for school bingo!

Went back to pick him up at 12 and as it was raining we (the parents) wait at the door for them to be called out one by one. Babs' name was called when teacher saw me and out he came with SNA. As soon as he saw me he shouted, "Hey Mammy, I don't wanna have to be quiet AAAH!". Did I mention my boy has good set of lungs. Those who know him smiled with their heads slightly tilted, the others, well who knows what they thought, they won't be long finding out, I'm sure. He was out of sorts for the rest of the day, crying for no reason, but he had enjoyed his first day. The little bro couldn't wait to get to playschool and once there couldn't wait to get rid of me, so good result there. Big sis seems more settled this year and the other sis well nothing fazes her. They all went off happy again the next day.


Cathal's Mammy said...

oh my goodness, you (Babs) just made me laugh. Liking the girls in this picture, "Off we go again then!"

Danielle said...

I love the picture of your kids, they look too cute! Glad everything went well for the first day. It's good that your littlest one was confident enought at preschool to not want his mom around. :) Here's hoping for a great school year!

Hammie said...

Well done Mammy Sesame; how far can an umbillical chord stretch?

Nan P. said...

Glad all went well on that first day. Hope that this has continued through the week.

And you must LOVE a few "free" hours you are now getting every day. Enjoy them. ;-)

jazzygal said...

Ah, sounds like all went well. What a great start! And Babs just sounds (and looks) sooooo cute!! You've a lovely family.

On the shoes guy is wearing his Communion shoes! Well, they cost €50, he wore them twice and they still fit! He doesn't wanna wear them cos they were for Communion and this is school!! He HAS to have different shoes! They're gas!

Hope school (and homework!!) continues to go well for you.

Hammie said...

Ha! Bratty wore her communion shoes for 3 months. Of course we took them off her last weekend. In the hammie house, one does not wear white after labour day.

Sesame said...

Thanks everyone. Of course Dad took picture with sun blinding the girls Cathals Mam, was typical after all the rain as soon as school's back sun out..for couple hours anyway.

There's been no problems all week..with the exception of little Bro throwing hissy fit when he got up on Thursday and couldn't go to playschool..he's only going 3 days but spose it's not a bad complaint. He oozes confidence Danielle, he's the odd one out in the house.

Was a busy bee all week, Babs finished at 12 and little bro at 12.30 (in the other direction), one sis at 2 and the other at 3, so not much time to self this week Nan P. Next week should be bit betr as Babs will be on 2 o clock finish with his sis.
They are gas Jazz, first thing when he comes home he takes them off and then has to strip off completely, which had stopped for ages. The label on his t-shirt had been cut off too (he must have asked teacher to do it).
Hammie that cord stretches about 1 mile down the road..

I haven't asked teacher yet how he got on, will leave that till next wee but am feeling positive after week 1..Thanks