Monday, September 22, 2008

You're The One That I Want

Figured it's about time I returned to distracted...Jazzy's managing to get her 'slice' between rehearsals so there's no excuse for me..I haven't been any more busy than normal just not motivated...and my broadband man tells me to slow the pace on my addictions as I've used up my limit for the month so no uploading or downloading...bummer...thank the lord for great sisters with laptops who know how to share to prevent me getting the shakes...

I have been analysing my life lately, the effects of meeting up with people from the past in cyberspace...the girls decided to enquire how their Dad and I met and why we got married... didn't obviously go into the nitty gritty but told them we met in the hospital first and then in a nightclub and was love at first sight..not..

My first encounter with my beloved was when he told me to take my top off but to leave my bra on!!...I kid u not..Mr Sesame is a Radiographer and I had been sent for a chest x-ray following a TB scare on the ward I was working on..guess I must have impressed him!!...sorry couldn't resist...all the trainee nurses were mad about him, couldn't see the attraction myself, he would walk round with his head to the floor..not a very confident chap..

Anyway I stayed in my sister's gaff one Thursday night, in town and we hit the tiles...I was having a great evening with my sis and her mates in the pub when in walks this guy with a crowd of women...I sat up and took notice..(still remember what he was wearing and strangely enough he remembers what I was wearing..true love). I said to sis 'who's the hottie with elaine & co'..She said that's Mr Sesame from x-ray..says I, 'no way! gosh he's cute, wouldn't recognise him out of his uniform' himself and that crowd of women joined our table as they all work together in the hospital...I was getting lots of attention being B's sister and the drinks were gliding we were leaving to move onto a karaoke bar Karl (a guy I had the hots for from college) came out after me and asked me to stay for a drink with him. Couldn't believe I hadn't seen him come in. I sooo wanted stay drinking with Karl but the girls were calling me on..'Please' he said 'have one with me, catch them up later if you want'... my heart ached as I kissed him on the cheek and said to meet me later in the nightclub. He didn't...

At the karaoke bar my sister's flatmate (the only one not on the hospitals payroll) was passing notes back and forth to my sis stating that she was gonna have Mr Sesame by the end of the night...Sis was telling me if I was interested to make a move before she got her claws into him..and so the challenge was set..I still hadn't even spoken to him and Michelle was rubbing his leg at every opportunity..this was gonna be tuff...few more drinks and off to the nightclub..met my now sis-in-law, just inside the door..'What are you doin here?' she asked..I pointed to mr sesame who was now sitting having a pint and said 'see him over there..thats why I'm here..he's mine'..we laughed then I headed in his direction, sat myself on his knee, totally uninvited, giggled, said something and we kissed...I know, I can hear you scream 'tart' at me..but hey from that minute he was mine..sorry Michelle..snooze u lose! She was happy to move on to her next victim..I was chatted up by another old flame that night and mr sesame got annoyed and went my victory was short lived...Didn't see him till 3 weeks later and after apologising for being chatted up we picked up where we left off...and the rest is history..and the future..

Saw Karl at college the next week and apologised for not staying and hoping he would ask me out again. He understood the girl pressure thing and said I probably had a better night with them..I asked why he didn't come to the nightclub and he said he just went home after I'd gone...we agreed to go for drinks together but never said when...we never did get for drinks...less than a year later Karl took his own life..completely wrecked my head for a while...I think of Karl on occasion and wonder, as you do, what if? But what's for you won't pass you..


Nan P. said...

Sesame, that is a great tale you tell! Ah… Love at 1st sight… been there… So romantic! When it feels right, it just feels right! ;-)

In your case, it was Love at 2nd sight. But hey! You got “the One that you wanted”, that’s the main thing… Your girls must have loved this story – bet you did not give then ALL the details tough, did you?

As for Karl, you will never know. My take on it: he probably had far more to deal with than you could ever help him with…? You know what they say: “you can only change yourself” – in the same vein, “you can only help yourself”…

Wishing you continuing love with your “hot” man.

jazzygal said...

Ah...lovely story Ses. True love indeed.

I met Mr Jazzy where I worked too! I ALWAYS swore I'd never go out with someone I worked with! Couldn't help myself in this case. Silly rule of mine anyway.

I had gone out with a few guys and they always married the next girl they dated. So, I reckoned I just trained them up for marriage!

Until the last guy, before Mr Jazzy. He didn't marry the next one. Wondered about that. It wrecked my theory and I KNEW my theory was right. Then I found out........he was gay!!! Whoops!

As for just never know. He had his reasons, just not easy for those left behind. XXX Jazzy

Sesame said...

Thanks nan p. ur a very insightful lady..
Jazzygal we've a lot more in common than I thought..I too went out with a guy that is now well and truly out of the closet...he is the reigning alternative miss Ireland...and we still in touch through is a funny old thing..

Cathal's Mammy said...

ahhh, so romantic. Strange the way some things work out in the end. Love at second sight for The Dad and I too :-)

Hammie said...

That was Karl's choice Sesame, you had no power over it. (sorry, can't help but come out with fellowship stuff)
And you got the one you wanted so happy ending for you.

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