Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You're My Best Friend

Well I've officially diagnosed myself with addictive personality disorder, even though I scored only 40% on this. Since discovering the RC I used to prowl for ages before posting. I found lots of great advice there and spent ages on it, the fact I didn't have broadband at the time accounted for much of the time spent..I then moved over here to blogland to follow the progress of Hammie and discovered Nick and both Cathal's Mam and his Nan. Having branched away the odd time Danielle has come into my life and for a laugh Anne is always there. My most recent must have is choreographer extraordinare Jazzy. As a desperate housewife these 'friends' are vital for my sanity.

I sidelined to facebook to catch up on some old school friends..why? I know not! I have no real desire to compare lives. Got bored with that and went to Bebo and am now a junkie...nothing else gets a look in..I can't wait for my next hit..hubby is going demented with the amount of time I spend on it...I console myself that if we're paying X amount per month then I should be on it all the time...I try to distract myself by watching telly and 5 mins later I'm back on it. 2 a.m. will still find me there (and we don't have a laptop)..I need help! Have just realised now that my latest post is about Bebo. I need a life!


Cathal's Mammy said...

you internet junkie you!!!

Danielle said...

Yes...this is an addiction. :) Wonder what the cure would be?
I have many other things I could be doing...laundry, dishes, etc...I think the computer has replaced eating bon bons and watching soap operas! Ha!

Nick McGivney said...

I don't think any of this exists at all. I'm not there myself half the time for that matter. But allowing for that, as Benjamin Franklin (or some other ould smartarse) said, we must all hang together or assuredly we will hang separately.

Go to bed!

Sesame said...

Think was havin a bad day yesterday..it's too easy to stay on the net when there's no kids around..did ok today..this is only my 2nd visit..hittin the gym in the mornings from now on..should keep me out of trouble.

jazzygal said...

Yay Sesame! Thanks for the mention!! You are my only reader! But I continue cos it's very therapeutic. I also, like you, find it addictive!
I'm also on BeBo!! I'll have to make you my bebo pal! I HAVE to be on BeBo to connect with the teens I work with. Well, that's my excuse anyway!
The only problem I have is with moving between the rented house and the broken house I can't indulge in these addictions as often as I'd like to!

I'm Sooo with you on this one!

Sesame said...

Cheers Jazzy..makes me feel whole lot better knowing I'm not alone..hoping I don't have to move house to curb this addiction.. the homework has kicked in now for the 3 of them so it's a saving grace..never thought I'd say that about homework..hope rehearsals going well.

Nan P. said...

Sesame, it could be worse. At least this kind of addiction does not have any side effect…. If you do not count lack of sleep, screen-tired red eyes, obsessive key-word searching, uncontrollable finger movements (especially the right-hand index, if you use a right-handed mouse).

Yes, it could be worse. Hang in there, sister, I am with you on this one, I know I could fall in this trap as well. Haaaaaa! I better watch it.