Friday, October 3, 2008

Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves

Am a couple of weeks into the Earlybird Programme and loving it...pity I couldn't have done it last year when Babs was newly diagnosed and I hadn't a clue..what I wouldn't have done to talk to some other parent in a similar position..
The group is a lovely mix of parents some newly diagnosed and others around same stage as us, a year further down the road..all our kids are of similar age and all learning something new each amazed at how many autistic children there are in our area and yet we have no autism support group.

Met C, a girl I had worked with in Dunnes 13 years ago doing the Earlybird...We have a mutual friend E on the course too..From chatting to these 2 moms it seems we have an interest in meeting for a coffee and a chat..nothing heavy and def no fundraising watch this space..could be the start of something big..


Hammie said...

WAy to go!
I love hearing about networking. It is sadly absent in the state AND aba schools. Everyone is so serious about intervention but noone is meeting for the coffee and craic.
I went out with the Autie mammies last night. 3 of us have graduated recently but we plan to keep in touch.
And the Early Bird Rocks! I suppose the HSE have to get something right sometimes hey?
thanks for putting the link up.
I will also send you some viral stuff to circulate.

Cathal's Mammy said...

Isn't it great to meet people in the same situation as you, that you can chat with, laugh with and maybe even have a little cry with. I treasure the little downs mammies group I meet up with every week. Casual chatting just helps to break things down, release some stress, and have a good time drinking lots of tea. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

I so agree - The Early Bird is great. But the best thing is talking about it to other parents - I still do not talk about it to people with non special needs kids. They could not understand, ever (nor would I wish it on them). OK, OK, sometimes I do, especially hearing them complain about stupid, stupid stuff, but it passes. Have a nice week end, V

Hammie said...

I just gave you a blogie; visit me to collect it and Pass it on.

Sesame said...

Think I have a lot of tea to drink to catch up with you Cathals Mammy.

V..don't be afraid to say it loud and say it proud you will be amazed at how many will understand and the rest are not worth worrying about.

Hammie, pleasure putting up link and followed jazzys lead and put it on my bebo too.."let's make lots of money". And thank you so so much for my means a lot coming from the queen of the blogs..

jazzygal said...

So glad you're enjoying Earlybird Sesame. Like V says it's so good talking to other parents.

It's great knowing you're child is not the only one who has these "different" habits. And, because it's a spectrum, each of our special kids differs from each other.

I found it really great, particularly as my snuggles was apparantly different from his peers ASND from the Autistic kids. Through Earlybird, particularly by listening as others aired their concerns, I learned that my snuggles was indeed in the right educational setting.

Now...don't forget to set up that Friends of Earlybird group!! Xxx Jazzy