Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Camera Never Lies

Had planned to post a video of Babs in action helping out his ould ma in the kitchen...but it didn't happen...will keep trying

We have just finished our second video for the Earlybird course...one of me playing with Babs and a 'toy'...we did not prepare earlier...

To think I thought playing without a toy was gonna be the tuff one...it was easier.

Could not think of what to play to 'show off' if you like his strengths and communication skills.. so we used a wee opposites jigsaw and practiced 5 minutes before the camera came (15 mins early - thanks girls).. think it worked better unrehearsed...it's done now so next thursday will show how good or bad we performed...they were quite happy with it.

I just love this photo of Babs with his sister...not a clear one but shows how well they get on..he will do anything for her...which is great when it comes to his colouring homework..he does not like it...can't concentrate on the smaller objects to be coloured and trees have so many leaves...but once she says come on let's colour he will happily sit with her and do it...she uses the same lingo I do to get him motivated just her way seems to work better...can learn a lot from my kids...


Nan P. said...

That is a nice photo, shows there is a lot between them. And it's great she guides him. She must have a great role model... ;-)

And nice to have you back on the blog Sesame, we missed you.... well, I did!

Hammie said...

How many times have I wished that I could say "here's one I made earlier" to help me raise the two with autism. We have a nephew who helps but he is 17,000 miles away, so he only gets to help once every two years.

As for coloring, it is highly overated in my opinion. Try join the dots. He will learn numbers and letters at the same time and it is much more satisfying for us auties. It also involves fine motor and pen control, and is even more precise.

By the way, you are doing great at Early bird!

(One day I will tell you about our very memorable filming day. It involved No 2 incidents) (yes that's right PLURAL!!)

Danielle said...

there is nothing better than sibling love. How wonderful that your kids have bonded in such a way.

Yup halloween is just around the corner - I think I still enjoy it as much as the kids. :)

Sesame said...

Tanx nan p. gud to be back..av been sidetracked by beboland and facebook..novelty beginning to wear off..will concentrate my efforts here again..

Hammie I know where you're coming from..am blessed with the other 3 each of them help him out in their own way..the eldest doesn't play a huge roll but she will read to him and he loves books..missy in the pic is such a 'wild' one, which is why he gets on so well with her - he loves the rough n tumble...and the wee boy imitates his every move which is a great re-inforcement for Babs..

I am loving the Earlybird and wanna hear that story bout your video.

Danielle we are so lucky to have such great kids and I say that with pride...Happy Halloween

jazzygal said...

Ah Sesame what a lovely photo...it's great he gets on so well with his sister. I'm sure they'll both learn from each other.

We loved doin the Earlybird videos .... well Snuggles did!! I used to panic a bit and practise like you! You feel your parenting skills being judged don't you? But they are only helping. Snugs loved doing rude things for his vidoes!!
Enjoy the course. You know I don't we ever got our video in the end. xxJ

PS Been missin for a while too...will get back to it soon!

Lynanne said...

What a sweet, sweet, moment. Great photo!

Nick McGivney said...

They look like such wee dotes. Intense bond there, I'd say. It's like all the best photos. It looks dead ordinary but captures so much more than just the moment.