Monday, October 6, 2008

Take A Bow

Have you noticed my award...can you see it??? I got it from Hammie you know!

It has made my day..have been out of sorts last 2 days...vomiting bug hit the house on Friday night..wee boy threw up no less than 7 times and Babs 3..their room smells horrid..dettol and febreeze reeks. So got little to no sleep. Then Saturday night Sunday morning girl number 2 had her turn..lots of false starts then bingo she filled the appropriately placed basin sparing me the change of bedclothes as was well and truly running low on supplies. Seems to last the 24hrs and thats 3 kids down and 1 to go and go she did at 4am this morning and at 4.30, 4.45, 5.10, 7am and finally 11am. Her Dad joined her at 7 am. The rumblings in my tummy let me know I wasn't going unscathed..and head down loo at 2pm and finally the biggie earlier tonight..feel a lot better..

House has not been cleaned all day and due a visit from the Earlybird video cameras tomorrow..lets hope the zoom is not working..

Anyway back to my award..I am to bestow it on some other deserving bloggers most of which have already received it...but that is irrelevant it seems so take your seats and enjoy the 2008 Sesame Blog Award ceremony. First up, in the category of

  • Best Entertainment - the award goes to Jazzy - just look at her step it out!

  • Breast Female Role Model - this was tough competition but the clear winner is Cathal's Mammy for 'supporting' (couldn't resist) the breast is best campaign, getting carrots into Cathal and telling it like it is...oh and drinking the most cups of tea in a week!

  • Best Supporting Parent - without doubt goes to Cathal's Mammy's Mammy - NanP.

  • Best Mini Series - goes to Jacob for his role in "Caca in my Pants" and although no fan of award ceremonies I hope Nick will pick up this award on Jacob's behalf...(dirty trick I know, so sue me)

  • Keeping It Real Award goes to Danielle for her lovely family blog..and she has sunshine!

My last award of the evening is a special award, most award ceremonies have their lifetime achievement award at the end and the Sesames are no different...the recipient is a mum to 2 wonderful children Boo & Bratty, has put up with neighbours from hell, has successfully managed to get her children into fabulous school where they are doing well, has helped/advised so many parents on the rollercoaster website..myself included...then entered the blogworld and in no time clocked up thousands of hits...she is a wonderful mother, wife, writer, friend, advocate..she has recently crossed over to the fashion side of blogging proving she is definitely not a 'one trick pony'...this woman can do no please be upstanding and welcome to the stage to collect her award the amazing Hammie....

Thank you and goodnight from the Sesames.

Dammit I forgot the rules for the winners:
1. The winners are allowed to put the picture on their blogs. (√)
2. Link to the person who awarded you. (√)
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.


Hammie said...

Congratulations on the award, and on getting the bugs through the house so quickly. Ours tend to do it at weekly intervals just to keep things interesting. Oh and congratulations to Missy for hitting the bucket. That is worth an award in itself.
ps. you can double award. The winners can just put a comment underneath saying from whom it came x 2. A girl can never have too many of the same awards hey?

Nan P. said...

Ah you poor things, all of you. I hope that you are all getting back on your feet by now.

And "thanks" for the graphic descriptions... ;-)

Most importantly, congrat's on the award... Hammie was kind enough to give me one too... makes you feel all nice and warm, doesn't it?

Cathal's Mammy said...

You've been tagged, in a good way!!! Collect your award at my blog and feel the love :-)

Sesame said...

Thanks Hammie looks like my faves will be doubling or tripling up on awards so..

Nan P. we are all much better now thank you..yesterday saw the end of it..bug free zone up on the hill!

Mammy what can I say but OMG thank you on my way over to collect and while I'm there...............

jazzygal said...

Hi Sesame.
Congrats on your award! It made my day too I can tell you. I didn't have time to comment on mine on my blog (I wanted a Shout it from the rooftops Comment!) so I just shoved it on....but hey I managed the linking thingy!

I SO hope things are getting better in house of Seasame. You poor thing. My Snuggles made his 2nd attempt to go back to school yesterday. Went well. Today he found a pimple under his arm! Oh no sez I...please just let it be a pimple and NOT chicken Pox!! I'm turning into such a pessimist....seeing the worst!

Take care..xxxJ

Sesame said...

Hey Jazz was just about to drop by for a visit..might have a little something for you if you stick on the kettle..av to update this side of things first..c u real soon.. hope its not chickenpox snuggles is itchy just thinkin bout it..

Nick McGivney said...

What can I tell ya? Thanks ever so much for your lovely thoughts Sesame. Jacob is only thrilled with his award! Will be posting on it soon.

Hammie said...

Ah shucks! I'm blushing now.

Nan P. said...

“I would like to thank the people who have made all this possible and without whose support and love and encouragement I would not be here tonight accepting this award in the presence of such greatness and giants of the... ”

In other words: THANKS SESAME...

... Words fail me! And that might be a first!

Lynanne said...

Sorry to hear about the vomit bug. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw. I've bookmarked yours and cant wait to read more. It's nice to "meet" another mom of 4! :)

jazzygal said...

Wow ! Another award....WooHoo!!!
I am truly honoured. H

Had a CRAP day yesterday so I feel much better now.Thank you Sesame! There'll def be 1 comin right back atcha. As SOON as I get time. Promise!!

BTW,,,it's more tahn a cuppa I need I can tell ya!


Danielle said...

Thanks for the award!...and I didn't even have a speech prepared! :)