Wednesday, October 8, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Yeaah av been tagged again...Hammie must know I'm struggling these days and this is the perfect excuse for a lazy blogger...the 11 little things about me under the "My Favourite" headings are:

1. Clothes Shop: without doubt New Look - the only shop I go into where I always leave with loads..

2. Furniture Shop: Land of Furniture - locally made and sold.

3. Sweet: Bounty - the taste of paradise indeed..milk chocolate not a fan of dark choccie.

4. City: Galway..oh Galway.. oh the stories I could tell you bout my times in Galway..they would curl your hair....the skeff - location of the best eVer week end with a girlfriend.

5. Drink: (Smirnoff) Vodka & Coke with NO ice and Cosmopolitans..deelish!

6. Music: Am digging the R n B scene at the moment but am true to my roots am a Trad Irish girl to the core..nothing I enjoy more than singing rebel songs at 4 a.m. at friends house (no kids and no close neighbours) as loud as we if ever you pass by and hear really bad singing about evictions round the lovely lough sheelin you can bet I'm in there. Nick I'm feelin the connection.

7. TV Series: Dont even have to think about this one definitely The Bill - Smithy makes me melt just wish it was on 7 nights a week.

8. Film: Titanic - love it so much saw it 6 times in cinema, bought CD, Video & DVD and know it pretty much word for word..

9. Workout: Swimming - my only form of excercise apart from the..u know..don't make me spell it out.....learned how to a couple of years ago..swim that Kells Swimming Pool - the best instructors you'll find anywhere.

10. Pastries: My Ma's apple tart with lashings of cream..if only I had a picture!

11. Coffee: Sorry to let the side down but gonna have to pass on this - not a coffee drinker - my only MUST have caffeine kick comes from Coca, zero get away from me!!!

I am only going to tag 1 person for this and its a new blog discovery with a lot of reading so if you please lynanne, by way of introduction feel free to give it a lash...


Lynanne said...

I love reading these and learning new things about people that they don't think to blog about otherwise.

Nick McGivney said...

Ah yes, I can see it now. The coconuts fall into the sand by lake sheelin's golden shore, splitting open to reveal a luscious taste of paradise in a blue wrapper... as Jack and whassername Winslett cruise past on the deck of an oul' rowboat made by Land of Furniture, dressed breezily in New Look clobber and delicately sipping from each other's Cosmopolitans, Tommy Peoples, Matt Molloy and Sharon Shannon following behind on a raft and belting out Cavan Potholes mashed up with The Bill's stunningly unremarkable signature tune. Oh and look, it's Sesame swimming past in the delightfully balmy bluey-warm waters of Sheelin, one hand daintily holding aloft a tray with... what's that? Momma's Apple Pie? Well goshdarn it all we need now is Sarah Palin with a harpoon gun and a monster trout on the other end and the picture is complete!

Sorry Ses, I'm too tired to work in Galway and coffee. And this love of Titanic is stretching our friendship to almost breaking point let me tell you...

Sesame said...

God dammit Nick I can't breathe with the're too much. Was deffo not expecting that! Great start to my day..Cheers

jazzygal said...

You're putting me to shame Sesame.

I really have to get started on this.

We have a little more in common I think as regards our taste in coffee!!

Danielle said...

Vodka and coke!? That's a new one for me, may have to try it out. I'm more of a Jack Daniels-and-coke girl. :)

Lynanne said...

Mission accomplished. Not nearly as interesting as yours though. :)

Hammie said...

Oh my< I realise now I read this without commenting. Sorry. I think I was distracted by TITANIC!!!
are you kidding? Like if she had only got on the fecking life boat he could have climbed on to the bit of drift wood and they both would have lived. And that is without taking into account the whole Celine Dion thing. really humph.
Thanks for doing the list Sesame. Sorry I didnt type any sooner. Naughty!

Sesame said...

Ah Jazzy...shame on me..neglecting this side of things..u have gud excuse with all ur just pure lazy...

Lynanne ur a star...thanks for that

Danielle..spare the coke it's nicer to taste the vodka..and do not add ice...i never do ice since i saw what it did to Titanic...

Sorry Hammie had to lead onto u somehow...come on its a classic..ok classic it's not..but it's nice love story and it's timing for me meant fact it's the whole "make every second count" thing that sticks with me...bullcoughshit..just fancied leonardo di caprio..u happy now????
"everynight in my dreams" ok enuf gettin bit giddy now.

Am on my way over Hammie to climb the steps to u...

Nan P. said...

Hello "lovely (rebel-songs) Sesame in the house on the hill".

Just want to say a big Thank You for the plug for SHOUT.

I am sure that it is much appreciated by all those who will benefit from that programme!